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CLARITY HA-40 In Line Amplifier Tone Control 40dB

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• 9V battery included
• Clarity in-line receiver amplifier
• Low battery indicator (red LED)
• Slide volume and slide tone controls
• Connects between handset and phone base

CLARITY HA-40 In Line Amplifier Tone Control 40dB

clarity has been offering life changing solutions for over 40 years. With better performance and more advanced technology, Clarity provides communication solutions to help you maintain an independent, secure, and engaged lifestyle. The truth is, not all amplified phones are the same. There is more to a good amplified phone than loudness, just as there is more to a car than how fast It can go. There are many elements that are required to create quality audio for clear conversation. Each Clarity phone contains patented technology to suit your hearing needs, giving you the best telephone experience possible.

• Increases incoming call volume up to 40dB (increases incoming volume up to 100 times)
• Tone selector for maximum speech clarity (amplifies selective frequencies)
• Compatible with most home and office telephones with modular handset cords
• Cannot be used with telephones with dialing pads in the handset

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