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ClearSounds CLA7v2 Amplified Power Neckloop Accessory

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•� 30dB Adjustable amplification
•� Approximately 200 hours of operation on 2 AAA batteries
•� Great value: 4 connection cables
•� 3.5mm to 2.5mm Stereo hands-free cable
•� Trouble-free operation

ClearSounds CLA7v2 Amplified Power Neckloop Accessory

The ClearSounds CLA7V2 Amplified Neckloop is a convenient little device you wear around your neck and plug into a cell phone, cordless phone, MP3 player, laptop, gaming device or any audio device. The handy accessory gives you adjustable amplification up to 30 dB and reduces or eliminates interference between cellular phones and hearing aid processors. It also features a built in microphone for hands-free conversation.

You need not purchase or switch between multiple headsets for different activities. Four connection cables are included to accommodate the most common types of phones and audio equipment. The amplified neckloop is powered by AAA batteries to provide approximately 200 hours of operation.

•� Best sound quality
•� Includes 4 connection cables
•� T-coil compatible > Binaural design
•� Push-button slider to cinch neckloop for closer microphone placement
•� Trouble-free operation
•� Offers a 30 dB max gain
•� Rotary volume control for easy adjustment and multiple levels of amplifi cation
•� Built-in microphone
•� Quick release feature
•� Battery powered with (2) AAA batteries (included)

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