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Ubiquiti UBI-NBE5ACGEN2 5 GHz NanoBeam AC

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Operates on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies
Gain: 19 dBi
Processor Specs: Atheros MIPS 74Kc, 720 MHz
Memory: 128MB DDR2, 8MB Flash
ESD / EMP Protection Air: +/- 24 kV, Contact: +/- 24 kV

Ubiquiti UBI-NBE5ACGEN2 5 GHz NanoBeam AC

5GHz Nanobeam AC High-Performance airMAX ac Bridge, Maximum performance with small footprint 450+ Mbps, 15+ km Range. Uniform Beamwidth Maximizes Noise Immunity. Dedicated Wi-Fi Radio for Management. airMAX ac Processor for Superior Performance.

Polarization: Dual Linear
Enclosure: Outdoor UV Stabilized Plastic
Mounting: Pole-Mount (Kit Included), Wall-Mount
Wind Loading: 45.4N @ 200 km/h (10.2 lbf @ 125 mph)
Wind Survivability: 200 km/h (125 mph)

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