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Peerless EXT006 Fixed Length Extension Column

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Cable management access provided at one end of column
Lightweight aluminum construction for ease of installation and lower freight cost
1-1/2″ – 11.5 NPT threaded on both ends
Notched for use with screw to provide safety and security
Scratch resistant black fused epoxy

Peerless EXT006 Fixed Length Extension Column

Designed to blend in and work with almost any environment, Peerless-AV’s line of EXT fixed columns range in length from 6" up to 10', with many lengths in between. The range of columns makes it easy to find the proper column length for your desired application. Whether it’s for an office setting, or you need it mounted on a tall cathedral ceiling, the fixed column will support up to 500 pounds. The flexibility and strength of these columns make them ideal for exhibits and retail or digital signage applications.

• EXT model extension column lengths measure 1″ (25mm) longer than stated drop to provide finished drop length for various mounts
• Actual Length: 9.5"
• Jumbo 2000 Mount Drop Length: 6"
• Projector Mount Drop Length: 8"
• Inner Diameter: 1.61"
• Outer Diameter: 1.90"
• Weight Capacity: 500lb (544kg)
• Color: Black
• Finish: Powder Coat

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