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Penn Plax SAX3 Silent Air Pump for 30 Gallon Aquariums

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• 31" power cord
• No lubrication required
• Single output accepts standard 3/16" airline tubing
• Aquarium Air pump has a powerful motor with a quiet design casing

Penn Plax SAX3 Silent-Air Pump for 30 Gallon Aquariums

The Penn-Plax Silent-Air X3 Aquarium Air Pump is a very powerful for its size and make virtually no noise. We suggest always having a proper sized air pump on hand in the event of pump failure to keep the water oxygenated. It can be used for many different applications like quarantine or hospital tanks and protein skimmers that still used wooden air stones.

• Silent-Air has a unique diaphragm
• Good for tanks up to 30 gallons
• Air Pump features include a diaphragm mount armature and non-skid feet

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