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Sharp EL1197PIII Two Color Printing Desktop Calculator

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• Ideal for heavy-duty office use
• Blue fluorescent display shows punctuation
• Displays and prints date and time
• Black/Red Colour: Print
• 4.5 Lines in per Sec

Sharp EL1197PIII Two Color Printing Desktop Calculator

12-digit calculator provides extra heavy-duty durability that's perfect for power users and the everyday advanced user in busy office settings. Large, fluorescent display offers easy viewing to help prevent reading errors. Two-color, 4.5 line-per-second ribbon printer is fast and reliable for consistently legible results.

Each key is engineered with Microban antimicrobial protection that reduces the growth of microbes and bacteria to prevent discoloration and odors. Professional keyboard layout with a left-side total key helps you quickly and accurately input data for fast calculations with minimal errors. AC-powered calculator also includes four independent memory, change sign key, average key, backspace key, double-zero key, tax calculations, calendar/clock function and more. The Printing Calculator is Ideal for professional use.

• Calculator Features: Independent Memory
• Grand Total/Rate Setting Mode Selector
• Calculator Features: Sign Change
• Calculator Features: Antimicrobial
• Calculator Features: Fixed Decimal
• Item Count Mode Selector
• Calendar/Clock Function
• Built-in antimicrobial protection with Microban® inhibits the growth of damaging bacteria
• Adds the grand total of several calculations, such as the total prices times units on an invoice

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