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Black Box ACU5050A-R2 VGA USB KVM 1000ft Extender with Audio

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• VGA Video resolution: 1600 x 1200
• USB 2.0 - transparent
• USB, Audio and VGA over a single CATx cable
• Remote unit includes a built-in 4-port USB hub
High image and data quality

Black Box ACU5050A-R2 VGA USB KVM 1000ft Extender with Audio

The extender enables you to transmit more than just signals for USB connections. You can use the same CAT5, CAT5e, or CAT6 cable link to transmit video signals, too! And to transmit bidirectional audio for microphone or speaker signals for a truly multimedia workstation, just attach a second CAT5 or higher link. The extender package includes a local and a remote unit. Simply connect the local module to your PC or Sun® system and the remote module to the peripherals next to the user. The remote unit contains a built-in USB hub that provides four separate USB 2.0 channels for attaching multiple devices.

On the remote unit, video compensation switches and dials enable you to adjust the image and keep the video signal crisp and clear with no "shadowing." Using these functions, you can boost video frequencies to counter the effects of long cable runs. The remote unit also has a signal-boost feature that optimizes less-responsive microphones. To protect against power surges, both modules include internal automatic cut-out fuses.

• Rackmount multiple local and remote units in the optional ServSwitch
• Compatible with most PC and Sun systems
• Video signal boost features ensure that the video signal remains clear
• Also supports emulated DDC for high-quality video resolution
• Automatic cut-out fuses protect against power surges
• A built-in 4-port USB hub on the remote unit enables you to attach multiple USB 1.1 devices
• USB 2.0 - transparent
• CATx connections
• Remote unit includes a built-in 4-port USB hub.
• Dual Access
• Mounts easily into the 19inch rack kit (ACU5000A)
• CD quality of audio with local monitoring.
• Available with one or two VGA channels supporting multi-head control room applications.
• True DDC support for ease of use with plug-and-play CRTs/LCDs.

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