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Conair FB30 Foot Spa With Bubbles and heat Massager

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• Spot massage function
• Full platform with fine bubbles
• Unique, soft lower-calf leg rest with additional massage nodes
• 2 toe-touch controls to activate percussion vibration
• Heat feature helps maintain temperature of warm water

Conair FB30 Foot Spa With Bubbles and heat Massager

The percussion vibration massager in this foot spa rhythmically caresses your feet for a relaxing session of micro-bubble indulgence. Equipped with two toe-touch controls, this foot spa delivers gentle, pulsating action or a spot massage that is enhanced with any of the three node attachments. Massage all the way up the calves with the unique calf rest.

The Conair Massaging Foot Spa with Bubbles, Heat and Pedicure Attachments is the perfect way to unwind and de-stress at the end of a long day. Slip your tired, achy feet into the soothing comfort of this exceptional foot bath and feel all the tension from the day melt away as you relax amid the massaging bubbles. This foot bath will retain heat nicely; but, for your safety, it does not contain a heating element. For optimum results, fill with warm water. Foot bath will retain heat for approximately 20 minutes while the bubble feature is enabled.

• Percussion vibration massager with 3 pedicure attachments
• Accommodates up to size-14 feet
• Cord wrap for easy wrapping of 6ft cord

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