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Sharp ELW535TGBBL 16 Digit Scientific Calculator

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• Twin-powered (solar with battery backup)
• Large 16-digit, 4-line LCD display
• 3 Modes: normal, stat & drill
• 8 temporary & 3 definable memory buttons
• 1 & 2 variable statistics

Sharp ELW535TGBBL 16 Digit Scientific Calculator

The EL-W535TGBBL has 422 functions, allows for equation editing and playback, 8 temporary memories and 3 definable memories. Also included are 1 & 2 variable statistics, normal, stat, and drill modes, seven regression types, and N-BASE calculations: HEX, BIN, DEC, OCT, PEN.
The home key allows users to start fresh from any screen. This is particularly helpful when getting a group to the same settings, resetting and clearing the calculator, or starting over when needed. Gone are the days of mistakenly calculating everything in radians rather than degrees.

• Write view Display
• Durable, matte black finish with blue accents
• 3-D light reflecting hardcover
• Twin-powered
• 1 Variable Statistics
• 2 Variable Statistics
• 7 Regression Types
• Random Function
• 422 functions
• Home key

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